The Multifaceted Man Behind Sky Zone Trampoline Park-Andrew Rocklage

Who is Andrew Rocklage? When the word diversity is mentioned, Andrew Rocklage defines it better. This graduate from the University of Massachusetts at Armrest with a sports management and Economics degree is a lawyer, entrepreneur, and a businessman. All these fields are relevant in his ventures as he applies them to the management of his […]

Securus Technologies On a Mission Towards Making Correctional Institutes A safer Environment

Securus Technologies had quite recently published some comments made by the facility’s customers on the use of technology to prevent crimes. These crimes would also include inmate-on-inmate. The company is a national provider of technological solutions to the criminal justice system for investigation, monitoring, and corrections. The comments were issued by jail officials from all […]

Karl Heideck Plays Crucial Law In Greater Philadelphia Area

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s major Jim Kenney passed a law that is new in groundbreaking history in the US as the law prohibits employers from asking a prospective employee about their salary histories and what they have earnt in the past. Of course, no new law goes smoothly, nor does this one as the Chamber of Commerce […]

Duda Melzer – Successfully Leading the Famous RBS Group

The media business in Brazil has always been highly competitive, and numerous companies are fighting its way out to reach the top position. However, one of the media houses in Brazil that have been maintaining its position at the top in the multimedia communication business is RBS Group. The company has grown exponentially over the […]

A Look At Why UKV PLC Wine Is A Lucrative Investment Option

UKV PLC offers a variety of fine French wine besides providing consultation services on different brands and grading wine investment. Investing in UKV PLC wine is a great investment option that lets you enjoy numerous benefits over other options like stocks. Choosing to invest in the fine French wine means that no capital gain taxes […]

Dick DeVos corrects the record on his extensive philanthropy

In West Michigan, no family is more associated with philanthropy, generousness and charitable giving then the DeVos family. Started by Rich DeVos, the billionaire cofounder of Amway, the DeVos family has long been at the forefront of the revitalization of and reinvestment in the West Michigan community. It has donated hundreds of millions of dollars […]

Betsy DeVos Seeks Freedom in Education

Betsy DeVos has been seeking change for a long time. Starting in college, where she involved herself in campus politics, DeVos has sought to be a player on the political field. Key in this is her role in the nonprofit scene. DeVos is a member of a number of charities and foundations, including serving as […]

Rick Shinto’s Services To InnovaCare Company

InnovaCare is a health care provider organization as well as physicians’ services provider. It is a well-known organization that is under the leadership of Rick Shinto as the president as well as the chief executive. With more than two decades of experience in the medical field, Dr. Shinto has served the company diligently. He has […]

A Career of Excellence: Brian Bonar and Dalrada Financial

Brian Bonar is an American businessman and investor from San Diego, California. Currently he is the Chairman and CEO for Dalrada Financial, an investment firm dedicated to handling employee insurance, financial services, and business outsourcing. Dalrada’s clients are spread across the United States, which makes use of Bonar’s expertise wit deferred tax benefits, strategy, payroll […]

Oncotarget Publishes Information on the Dangers of E-cigarettes to the Gums and Oral Cavities

Oncotarget is an English journal that provides reliable and updated information on various fields of medicine, including oncology, neuroscience, pharmacology, cardiology, and microbiology. The journal uses a free and open access medical site that allows a maximum number of audiences to the site. The peer-reviewed journal covers different cancer-based topics including the potential targets for […]